Sydney, Austrailia. • 2007
Independant Narrative Short
Directed and Animated by: Suzie Jones
Format: Bolex Standard 16mm | Stop Motion Animation
Lenses: Bolex Primes
Role: Director of Photography
Project Notes: Golden Eye Film Festival 2008 | Best Animation

Susie Jones

Director | Monkeynaught

Toby is a dedicated and talented film-maker and a genius behind the camera. I convinced Toby to DOP on my animated stop-motion short "Monkeynaut" and he strongly influenced the film’s aesthetic through his inspired lighting and cinematography. He was also game enough to shoot it all on my vintage Bolex 16mm cinecam for the entire production. If you have the chance get Toby involved in your production, do not hesitate to lock that down immediately! You won’t regret it.

Toby Petch