The Mommy Heist

New York, New York. USA. • 2015
Independant Narrative Short
Directed By: Anna Gutto
Format: F55
Lenses: Vintage Cooke 20-60 Zoom T3.5
Role: Director of Photography & Associate Producer

Anna Gutto

Director | Mommy Heist

I had the chance to work with Toby Petch on my thesis film from Columbia University. He is a strong craftsman and passionate artistic collaborator. He has a particular ability to immerse himself in the vision of the project with an unusual mix of empathy and integrity. His versatility was a strong asset to our production, demanding a fast-paced visual style. Toby is a pleasure to be around, he gets along with everyone and he is fast. And if that's not enough, he also has the skills for challenging artistic development which secures the best possible preparation in advance of the shoot.